The restaurant is situated in the old cellar of the structure it has been completely excavated by hand into the rock by the ancestors in the cool winters of the past.

Here you can rediscover the authenticity and simplicity of local cuisine while enjoying the excellent dishes prepared by the expert hands of mother Maria, keeping intact the culinary and cultural traditions.

Food taste in Pretoro

Among the first courses we can mention the "p’ttolozz" (pasta maded of flour and water) with sauce, formerly made with a mixture of white flour, cereal and spelled, and the "pasta alla chitarra" of Abruzzo, made of filaments obtained with a tool, "lu maccarunar", which with its particular form of the name to pasta (guitar). The "maccarunar" are still manufactured and used in Pretoro. Among the latter stands out the grilled lamb, which is the typical preparation system: in fact, the area must be made with mixed wood, the abbot resinous, at beech devoid of woody impurities, to Carpino perfumed and finally branches juniper scented.

Salting and fragrance should be made with aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary, mint, black pepper, red and purple juniper, and so on. These are the secrets of a good lamb pretorese preparation. Other dishes are the "pluck" of lamb and the "turcinelli", made with guts pig and stuffed with sweetbreads and chilli. Among the vegetables we can mention the "ciabbotta", set of vegetables to pour over slices of homemade bread, the "pizz’ and foij", vegetable stew served with Sardinian smoked, and the "pizza scim", white bread unleavened and unsalted.