About Us

House of the ’700 completely renovated in the historic center of Pretoro, a few kilometers from the Passolanciano Majelletta skiing, and 30 km from the sea.

The building was renoveted, carefully preserving its original structure using the stone of Majella, the iron produced by local craftsmen and the ancient building materials. The b&b have four comfortable rooms, identified with different names and all equipped with facilities and furnished with the taste of the past. In addition, they enjoy a panoramic view that can be admired while the Adriatic sea, the hills of Abruzzo, the green woods and the incredible Majella peak.



Casa Milà, offers nature trails suitable to all at the gates of the Majella National Park


Few kilometers from Casa Milà you will find some of the best ski resorts in centre of Italy

Go to the sea

Few kilometers from Casa Mila you will find beaches and beautiful sea


Fascinating and isolated eremi, only accessible on foot, full of mysteries and stories to tell


The Village

Driving along the roads through the Valle del Foro, the traveler is fascinated by the distant vision of Pretoro, a village of the Majella National Park nestled in the white rock, along the north-eastern side of the mountain, at an altitude of 602 s.l.m.

Flora and Fauna

The town overlooks a natural surrounding area, rich in mixed forests, beech and mugo, places and ecosystems chosen by privileged house by rare inhabitants of the park, such as the wolf and the white-backed woodpecker. But you can also experience about recall owl or see the goshawk flying.