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A place that will remain in our hearts

The Bed and Breakfast Casa Mila is an house of the ’700 completely renovated and located in the historical center of Pretoro (CH), a medieval village in Majella National Park at 602 meters above sea level, a few kilometers from the ski center Passolanciano Majelletta. To visit the wildlife wolf area that is a major element of awareness of tourists, school groups and local residents, and the "Regional Reserve Valle del Foro" which is a protected natural area of Abruzzo established in 1991, where we can also find the ancient mills.



Il vostro benessere ci sta a cuore

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Majella National Park


Italian town in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo and belongs to the most beautiful villages in Italy.


An innovative ski area, a new way of living the Majella in winter and summer.


It is part of the Mountain Community of Peligna, in the Majella National Park and the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

Fara San Martino

Gorges of San Martino is the entrance of one of the longest Apennine valleys, the valley of Santo Spirito.

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